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My Eyes Looking Back at Me: Insight Into a Survivor’s Soul, a page-turning biographical portrait transports the reader deep into the psyche of a stalwart woman, exploring her sources of resilience from the age of five, in prewar Czechoslovakia, to age 89 in Aventura, Florida.

Through the author’s unique method of Soul-Scribing, Leah distills more than eight decades of buried memory into vivid details, including her release from the gas chamber. Both Leah and Menucha are transformed by their unlikely bond as Leah’s lifetime of stoic suffering is softened.

At the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial, Leah sees her younger face in an archival photo, thus the title, My Eyes Looking Back at Me.

Leah is gripped by an unforeseen personal apology for the Holocaust from the German Counsel General at a Holocaust Symposium at the University of Miami. They embrace with tears in their eyes. His request for forgiveness bridges their commonality as human beings, begins a surprising new friendship, while inspiring another layer of healing.

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The past is gone. My life is a miracle! With gratitude to God, I am still here to remember and to tell what happened to me during the Holocaust of WWII.

— Leah Cik Roth

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